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Do your reflective vests comply with the ANSI107 standard?

Reflective safety clothing, ANSI107 standard. Let's find out with me!

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a non-profit non-governmental standardization organization in the United States. Coordinating center for the voluntary standards system.

ANSI is authorized by the federal government as the coordination center in the voluntary standard system. Its main functions are: to coordinate the standardization activities of domestic agencies and groups; to review and approve American national standards; to participate in international standardization activities on behalf of the United States; to provide standard information consulting services ; to cooperate with government agencies

The Council is the decision-making body of ANSI, which is composed of representatives of major companies, enterprises, professional groups, research institutions, and government agencies. For the retroreflection coefficient of the reflective strip and the R' of 5°12' measured under the conditions of washing and other conditions.

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