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What do the colors of Safety Vest/Hi-Vis vests mean?

Reflective vests are available in yellow, orange, blue, red and various splicing colors, etc. Can you wear whatever color you like? of course not! The colors of reflective vests worn by different types of workers are also different. Next, the editor will explain in detail what the differences are.

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For workers to meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) requirements, they must comply with certain color specifications.

*An ANSI Class 2 safety vest needs to keep workers visible in traffic speeds between 25-50 mph.

*An ANSI Class 3 safety vest keeps those working near traffic speeds of 50 mph or greater visible. These vests also require more high-visibility material and have longer sleeves than an ANSI Class 2 vest.

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Yellow--Dock personne,volunteer, surveyor,ect.

Pink Safety Vest--Fitted for the natural shape of women. Suitable for social causes, such as Breast Cancer Awareness.

Black Safety Vest--help hide dirt. Suitable for security workers, engineers, managers,surveyor and off-road users

Orange/yellow/strong yellow/green/or fluorescent versions of these colors-- Public service, emergency workers and daytime work garments for flaggers.

Blue Safety Vest--Police Officers ,Packers, First responders

Green safety vest--CERT,Forklift Drivers

Red safety vests--Visitors and vendors

White/Purple/Gray safety vest--Suitable for command style vests

Gray vest--Pickers


Brown Safety Vests--Sheriff’s officers


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Of course, you can choose the color you want according to the job.

All in all, safety vests come in a variety of colors. Wearing high-reflective safety vests of different colors on different occasions is more conducive to our work.

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