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Why do we have to wear reflective safety vests?

Safety vest is essential in the workplace, especially in heavy traffic or low-light environments. As an important safety equipment, reflective vest has the following necessity:
1.Improve visibility:

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The reflective vest is made of special reflective material, when the light hits the vest, it will produce a bright reflection effect, making the wearer more conspicuous. This helps other people to discover your existence in time and reduce the occurrence of accidents.

2.Warning others:

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Wearing a reflective vest can send a warning signal to others, reminding them to pay attention to your existence. Especially in road construction, traffic command, night patrol, etc., reflective vests can effectively remind drivers and pedestrians to be vigilant and reduce potential dangers.

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3.Regulatory Compliance:

In many countries, wearing a reflective vest is a legal requirement in certain work situations. Complying with laws and regulations and wearing appropriate safety equipment is not only to protect your own safety, but also to respect the life and property of others

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